About Us


Rooof sells software to property management companies in the USA on monthly recurring subscriptions.  On-site users at each property use our software to automatically put classified advertisements on the internet using our browser extension (and pending Electron implementation) that mimics human-like browser-interactions. Instead of making classified ads manually, our software does all the work.  Our software is used in over 2,000 apartment buildings by over 5,000 users.

Rooof was founded in 2012 to improve how the rental-housing industry advertises their vacancies. People love our software because it writes great performing ads and because we have automated a task that they despise. We are preparing to build new software for our existing customers to meet other needs, unrelated to classified ad automation.

We are a team of 24 with our head offices in Victoria, BC.  21 of us are located in Victoria, BC, with sales in Phoenix and Cape Coral and one off-site software engineer.  Read more about us below!

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Meet the Team


As our CEO, Adam describes his job as “running payroll and paying off the company credit card.” In reality, he’s responsible for steering the ship and thinking of new ideas to help Rooof grow. Adam balances out his time running the company with various projects, gardening, and watching his kids grow up.

Anton sivolapov

Recently moving to join us Canada from Russia, Anton works on the back-end of Rooof, developing and maintaining our Chrome extensions.  Aside from being super tech savy, he’s a man of many talents, having won a yo-yo championship in his city!

Adam Zimmerman

Adam writes the backend monitoring software to keep Rooof running smoothly. He also works on server infrastructure to ensure our team can continue to develop and support Rooof. He enjoys rock climbing, martial arts, and various self-proclaimed “nerdy” things.


Allen is a sales and account management pro. He works in all parts of client management, from identifying and demonstrating Rooof’s magic to new clients, to maintaining happy client relations. He’s a published photographer, and has worked with the likes of Bob Hope and the cast of Mash as a professional musician.


On the daily, Matt's work as a software engineer solves the technical issues that our clients face, but he also works on new features that help make everyone's lives a little easier here.  His problem-solving abilities don't just end with Rooof, as he enjoys board games and survival trips in the great outdoors in his free time.

Cassandra herbert

Cassandra helps our client training run smoothly, manages a small portfolio of accounts, and helps with HR around the office. She’s also a jack (Jill) of all trades, wearing random hats depending on what each day brings. In her spare time, Cassandra loves playing with her cats, crafting, and hitting the trail on her bike.


Catlin is a JavaScript software developer here at Rooof, and is currently working on research and development with our Chrome extensions. He once went on a road-trip that reached all but one Canadian province, that's over 4200 miles covered one-way!


Miranda Rotz

Miranda is our mapping and support engineer, writing the code that allows our posting tool to run on each client's website! A Vancouver Island native, she thrives on fresh air, spending her time adventuring outside with frequent hiking, backpacking, and camping trips. Super fun fact? She's a totally self-taught coder!

Tom Himmelman

Tom is a member of Rooof’s support team, helping clients with their questions and issues that they report. The other part of his role is account management where he works at building long-term relationships with our clients. In his free time, he likes to keep active by exploring Vancouver Island with his girlfriend and his labradoodle.

Ian Fonberg

Ian works on the engineering side of Rooof and connects with the sales team to help integrate our clients with the software. Outside of Rooof, he describes himself as a “jack of all trades, master of some” with his free time going to a variety of activities like cooking, surfing, snowboarding, playing guitar and going to the gym.

Tom Daggett

Tom works on Rooof’s engineering team doing our quality assurance. He works at testing Rooof and automating a variety of processes. After work, he likes to get outside, run, bike, and explore. You can also find him at home cooking or trying to avoid being scratched by his cat.

Joy Joinville

Joy is a very busy bee! She splits her time between accounts receivable, building long term relationships as an account manager, and drinking lots of tea. When she's not working, you can find her exploring a new local restaurant, or starting a new project at her house. She is a self-described HGTV addict!

Carl Masri

Carl is a full-stack developer at Rooof. He builds beautiful web applications to make our lives (and our clients lives) much easier. In his downtime, Carl keeps busy by playing sports (mostly soccer and hockey), reading and tinkering on side projects

Samantha Wills

Samantha is Rooof’s in-house graphic designer! She creates beautiful visuals for a variety of materials for both print and web, so basically anything involving layout, imagery, and type. After work, she keeps busy by being an avid crossfitter.

Amanda Aquino

Amanda joins us after school and helps us sort payments and generally lend a helping hand. She also helps out around the office with various tasks, but mostly organizes, scans, and shreds. While not working, she likes to play volleyball and sing.

Brian Draijer

Brian leads the server-side development team in creating the foundational building blocks for current and future Rooof products. He loves the outdoors and enjoys rock climbing, cycling, hiking, kayaking, and spending time with his family.

Alanah Garcin

Alanah is responsible for training clients from all over how to use Rooof. Outside of work, she is very active in the arts community and enjoys reading a good book. Fun fact: she has a not-so-secret passion for anything outer-space related!


Lisa Kinoshita

Lisa is a mapping and support engineer, so she writes code that allows Rooof to work on client websites and helps fix technical issues. She enjoys keeping active by going outside or to the gym and hanging out with her dog. You can also frequently catch her indulged in a true-crime TV show.

Velina ivanova

Velina contributes to the development of new features for Rooof! She also helps out with designing and building new versions of Rooof. When she isn’t working, she likes to keep busy by reading, staying active, and planning her next adventure.

Michelle cash

Michelle takes care of Rooof’s marketing, including building the brand, creating client awareness and advocacy, and driving client preference for Rooof through exceptional client communications and experiences. She is happy to have returned home to Canada after 14 years living abroad in Europe and the United States. 

Justine Kerkham

Justine handles support at Rooof where she helps clients with any issues they need resolving. She also has a portfolio of accounts where she builds lasting relationships with clients. Outside of work, she enjoys cooking, reading and exploring the great outdoors with her pup, Zeus.

JOnas Ferencz

Jonas is our co-op student! He writes and executes tests for Rooof so that we find any bugs before our clients do! When he’s feeling a little dangerous, he likes to mountain bike and ski, but otherwise, you can find him reading a history book, learning something new, or drinking coffee.

Kim Lendway

Kim sells Rooof all over the country! She has been in the multifamily industry for over 17 years. She is happy when her clients are happy. Kim is an avid sports fan (Chicago Cubs and the Philadelphia Eagles) and loves having her toes in the sand with her husband/best-friend.


Rooofus is our beloved mascot and brings much joy to our team. You will spot him throughout the posting process and out and about in other areas of Rooof. He loves meeting new friends and going for long walks. He also enjoys playing with his furry best friend Chloe!

Want to join Our Team?

If you’re reading this page wishing you could be part of the team, check out our current job postings. We have a variety of job openings and would love to meet you!

Rooof by the Numbers

Between the members of Team Rooof, we...


Have visited 61 countries


    Own 117 Electronic Devices


Drink 378 Hot Drinks/week