Automatic Price Updating

Do you change floor plan pricing or unit pricing daily?
Do you use a Revenue Management System?
Are you deleting old postings because they have old pricing?

Rooof can now retroactively update the prices of all your classified ads.


  • Increase revenue as prices go up.
  • Reduce vacancies by emphasizing reduced prices.
  • Old ads never need to be deleted because prices are no longer out-of-date|
  • Increase exposure with Auto-Renewed ads.
  • Avoid grumpy residents who see old pricing.


How does it work?

  1. Today: You post an ad for a floor plan or unit with a price of $1,000.
  2. Tomorrow: The price in your revenue management systems changes to $1,095.
  3. Rooof gets a data-feed from your revenue management systems so that we are immediately aware of this price change.
  4. Rooof instructs your computer to change the price of yesterday's ad from $1,000 to $1,095.


What do leasing staff have to do?

  • Almost nothing!  Just leave your computer turned on and Chrome running.  This upgrade is fully automated.

How often are prices updated?  

  • As often as you change prices.
  • If there any many postings that need to updated, then it could take severals hours.

What training is needed?

  • None!  But we do like to inform the leasing staff that Chrome will start doing more things automatically.  We also like to reinforce the importance of leaving Chrome and the computer running.

What can I expect to happen?

  • Lots!  You can expect to have many prices updated daily.  With this upgrade, you'll also be able to use our Auto-Renew system.  Your pricing will now be up-to-date, and you'll have more ads online!

What else do I need to know?

  • Price updates are always performed before any ads are renewed.
  • Price updates are usually performed on the same computer that created the original posting.  If Rooof can't reach that computer, then the task is delegated to another computer with the same IP-Address or another computer that has posted ads for the same property. (customizable if needed)
  • Price updates are ignored if the new price is more than 10% different than the old price.  We assume that this was an error.  (e.g. We will not change a price from $1,100 to $100 because we assume that you made a mistake)
  • Price updates won't happen if computers are turned off or if Chrome isn't running.



$40/month per property

(in addition to your existing monthly subscription)

System Integration Setup Fee:

Free if you provide a publicly visible data-feed in Zillow, Trulia, ResMan or MITS format.
Free if you provide Entrata API credentials.
Free if you provide free access to a RentCafe data-feed.
For all custom integrations, please request a quote.

A setup fee of $49/property may apply if your integration is not listed above.