Client Testimonials


Choosing Rooof was one of the easiest marketing decisions I have ever made. This innovative, forward thinking tool makes posting to classified sites a breeze. The customer service is top notch and we have the reports we need at our fingertips.
— Jennifer Staciokas, Senior Vice President, Marketing & Training, Pinnacle Family Companies
Rooof has enhanced our posting workflow to a more efficient process and helps us to continually post current and engaging advertising for our communities. Since starting with Rooof, our efforts have seen more return with less work to post - it has been a great tool for us!
— Sheri Killingsworth, VP - Marketing & Communications, Lincoln Property Company
We are extremely happy with the Rooof Posting Tool after implementing it to our entire portfolio across country. This easy and simple tool allows my properties’ staff to post frequently, increasing our media exposure.
— Andrezza Ruiz, National Marketing Director, JRK Property Holdings, Inc.
I’ll take $20 dollar leases all day long and that is what Rooof does for us over and over again!
— Carla Alicea, Marketing and Training Director, Trinity Property Consultants.
Rooof has taken so much pressure off my leasing team in regards to posting ads daily. Now they exceed our company standards. I highly recommend their service. I cannot wait to see their next innovation for marketing!
— Mary E. Worthy, CAM, Community Manager, Parke East Apartments
I have found Rooof to be one of the most advantageous tools available for property management. It is one of the few things you can get that has a short learning curve, and rather than give you yet another program to handle, it does your work for you! With the very affordable price and customer-friendly contract, any property will find it cost-effective.
— Chuck

Leasing Professionals

"Rooof is an advanced posting tool that my business has greatly benefited from.  It allows workflow to remain steady and smooth.  There’s always extra time in each day to concentrate on other aspects of the business while this program continues to renew ads, therefore generating qualified leads.  You will be happy with this service and more successful by using this amazing posting tool, which is also very easy to learn.  The customer service is impeccable and goes above and beyond to serve your needs!"


"Having Rooof has been an amazing time saver!  I get my ads posted in less than a minute due to this wonderful tool!   I never have to worry about not being seen on Craigslist because Rooof continually renews my ads.  I’m always on the first page.  I would highly recommend Rooof to other communities!"


“I truly love this tool as it takes just minutes to post daily, which frees up more time for us to assist onsite customers.” 


“I just wanted to send a quick email to you to thank you & let you know how much we LOVE the Rooof tool. It makes posting on CL so much simpler and kind of fun! Thank you :)”


“It is so freaking awesome and fast! I'm loving the new tool. I showed my assistant and freaked her out because the computer just takes over and does the process of setting up the ad all by itself. She is so excited!!! Easy Breezy!!"


“[Rooof has] been a hit everywhere I've installed it.”


“I want [my colleague] to see the product first hand. It’s so slick and I really would like her to see for herself."


LOVE the advanced settings tool options!!”


“It is absolutely awesome. This makes things so easy…” 


“I must say, the feedback has been fabulous and I’ve been bragging about you to all my industry friends!"


“I’ve received amazing feedback from the tool”


“We just took the training for the Rooof posting tool.  I love this tool!  It is so fast and easy!” 


“I think this is a great tool and people will really enjoy using it."


“This app worked great! It uploaded all info directly from our website… I made minor changes and I will make a few more on Monday but for now this worked out great! Saved a lot of time & definitely made my life easier”


“I just wanted you to know that this is working out GREAT for us!!!”


"So easy! It's like having a robot do your work!"