Compare Rooof to Competitors

Automated Posting

"The Other Guys"
Fully Automated. Hands Free. Lots of Copying and Pasting

Don't waste time doing repetitive tasks.


"The Other Guys"
Fully Automated No Renewals. Period.

Without auto-renew, your ad is only on the first-page once, and then it is buried.

Price Updating

"The Other Guys"
Ad pricing changes when your
website prices change.
Ads are incorrect as soon as
your prices change.

Without price updating, your ads are inaccurate when your prices change. Rooof price updating
periodically checks for price changes and updates your ads. Accurate ads mean higher revenue.


"The Other Guys"
Full Audit Trail
Software Tracks Events
Click & Call Tracking
Your staff self-report
their posting activity
at their discretion.

Without Rooof your reports only reflect when your staff were reminded to post,
not what they actually do. That is guessing, not accuracy


"The Other Guys"
Unique ads built for you
Non-varied content

Rooof's software algorithms automatically vary the content of your ads - every time you post.

Cut down on ghosting and flagging occurring due to repetitive, non-varied ad content.

Attract a wide variety of tenants by highlighting different features in every ad you make.


"The Other Guys"
Fully-automated upload
Built-in variability
Upload photos manually
Limited templates
Rooof always uses current images by pulling photos from
your website, your desktop, and/or any other location.
Using computer algorithms your image order is
optimized to attract different types of tenants.
Our competitors give you a limited number of templates
and your staff do a lot of manual uploading.

Other Awesomeness

Staff Happiness

Making classified ads sucks.  Rooof makes it not suck.  Not sucking means more ads.

Tracking & Statistics

Unique click-tracking URLs for each property and posting

1-800 tracking numbers automatically associated with each property

Insight into posting time variability, ads edited