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Customer Success and Operations Coordinator

Victoria, bc, canada - full time - Permanent

We're looking for someone to help us with client support as well as other operational tasks!

Rooof sells software to property management companies in the USA on a monthly recurring subscription.  Staff at each property use our software to automatically put vacancy advertisements on the internet. Instead of making those ads manually, our software does all the work.  Our software is used in over 1600 apartment buildings by over 5000 users.

Who are we?

Rooof is a software company founded in 2012 to improve how the rental-housing industry advertises their vacancies. Instead of manually making hundreds of classified ads every month, Rooof has made software to mimic human behaviour within your browser so that new classified ads are written and uploaded automatically.  People love our software because it writes great performing ads and because we have automated a task that they despise.

We have our corporate head office in Victoria BC.  Our engineering team is primarily located in Victoria & Vancouver BC with one team member currently working remotely. 

What do we offer?

  • Competitive Salary + Competitive Vacation (+ Health Benefits after 90 days)
  • Best-in-class products.  No competitor has a better product than us!
    • Our customers already love our software - we need you to make sure they love it even more.
  • Premium office environment in the downtown core (Fort near Wharf)

Who are you?

  • You love helping people, even people who aren't the best computer users
  • You have exceptional customer service experience
  • You like to take the time to do things correctly rather than quickly
  • You are among the most patient people that you know.  You are a stone in the river.  Zen!
  • You make friends easily and you are comfortable talking to strangers on the telephone
  • You are a problem solver!  You see a problem, and you try to fix it
  • You are proactive rather than reactive! You find the problem before it finds you! 
  • You form great, long-lasting relationships, both internally and externally
  • You have exceptional writing skills and attention to detail.  Your punctuation; speling, grammars, and Capitalization is always perfect.
  • You are confident and very good with Windows PC computers
    • You can download, install, and update software
    • You can use Task Manager to terminate software
    • You can recognize malicious software when you see it
    • You have a good understanding of how URLs work in a browser
    • You understand browser cookies and cache
    • With your eyes closed, you can describe how to find and launch an internet browser (even if there isn't a shortcut).  With your eyes still closed, you can describe how to check the version of that internet browser.
    • You can help someone else to determine what version of browser they are using and how to update it
    • You could teach someone how to reset their password on a website like gmail or amazon
  • You’re a self-starter; if you see a problem or opportunity, you’ll find a way to address it. "Okay" isn't good enough for you; You want everything that you and your colleagues do to be exceptional!
  • You have a basic grasp of American geography (e.g. Where is Atlanta?  Where is DC?  Where is the Midwest?)

Who are you not?

  • Overwhelmed by a fast-paced environment that’s constantly evolving
  • Uncomfortable meeting new people and forging new relationships over the telephone, webinar, or in person
  • Impatient if someone doesn't understand your instructions, or doesn't follow your instructions

What will you be doing?

  • Client Support
    • Our clients access our support ticket system through our software.  Your primary job will be to go above and beyond to meet their needs! This could include:
      • Simply responding to questions but making each response seem as if it were written for that individual
      • Scheduling and participating in support calls  
      • Communicating with your teammates when you need help providing stellar service
      • Working closely with our Software Engineers to communicate information about bugs in the software! 
      • Following up with clients to make sure their issue got resolved
    • Proactively reaching out to our clients to make sure that we can stay ahead of their needs! We want someone that will create a structured way of reaching our clients so that we're ensuring that all of their needs are met before they even realize they have new needs. 
  • Administration 
    • Our customers pay us with paper cheques.  We have a cheque-scanning machine, but we need someone to operate it!  Cheques are automatically scanned, but sometimes you will make a correction if the software has difficulties.
    • Assist with preparing our mail marketing material. 

Where does this go? 

  • Professional Growth
    • We are constantly growing and changing and would love someone who wants to grow their professional career with us. 
  • Great opportunity to gain experience in the technology industry.

Our Interview Process

  1. Resumes are reviewed on a rolling-basis and candidates are contacted as soon as possible to respect your time. 
  2. Telephone interviews are conducted to ensure that your expectations and ours are on the same page.
  3. Interviews in person to establish your technical competency with computers.
  4. Extended interviews in person with the team.


Email jobs at rooof dot com with an introduction, CV, and anything else you would like us to know about you.

If you want to really impress us....  Answer this question like a rock star team member: "My Google won't work!

The position will remain open until filled.  Apply at your earliest convenience.

We look forward to meeting you!