Career Opportunity

Support and Account Manager

Victoria, BC, Canada - Permanent, Full Time

At Rooof, we build the world’s best software for automatically creating classified-ads. That said, we’re even more proud of the team that we’ve built.  We love working together and we’re very good at innovating, selling, and turning customers into evangelists! We’ve been growing rapidly and need a customer focused individual to help with client support and account management.

We’re a tech company that deals in B2B sales, so this position is well suited for someone that has customer service experience in a fast paced, ever changing environment.  Experience with managing a portfolio of customers is a plus!


About Us

Rooof sells software to property management companies in the USA on monthly recurring subscriptions.  On-site users at each property use our software to automatically put classified advertisements on the internet using our browser extension (and pending Electron implementation) that mimics human-like browser-interactions. Instead of making classified ads manually, our software does all the work.  Our software is used in over 2,000 apartment buildings by over 5,000 users.

Rooof was founded in 2012 to improve how the rental-housing industry advertises their vacancies. People love our software because it writes great performing ads and because we have automated a task that they despise. We are preparing to build new software for our existing customers to meet other needs, unrelated to classified ad automation.

We are a team of eleven with our head offices in Victoria, BC.  Eight of us are located in Victoria, BC, with sales in Phoenix and two off-site software engineers.  Read more about us on our Team web page.

Our core corporate value is Quality of Life for Everyone; Customers, Staff, & Shareholders. If the company takes care of the employees, then the employees will take care of the customers. Happy customers yield prosperous companies and then the cycle repeats.


Who you’d be working with

Allen and Hanna are our sales people! Once they “ring the bell,” signifying that Rooof has a new client, your job will be to work directly with them and the new client to complete the on-boarding process.

Cassandra will be your partner-in-crime! She is Rooof’s go-to person for training.  She also has a dedicated portfolio of accounts that she manages.  We often find that training, support, and sales work together to tackle client facing issues. 

For those of us who are not technically inclined, there is a whole team of software engineers here to assist! They build and maintain our widgets so that we can keep selling them. 

Our team is growing quickly, so yours won’t be the only new face in the office.  We are actively searching to expand our engineering team, hire someone to help with administration, and someone with an eye for graphic design.


How you’ll work at Rooof

We all start work at 8am (or earlier if you prefer) Monday-Friday and we work 37.5 hours/week.  This job reports to work in Victoria, BC in our head office. We love teamwork and we want to hang out with you!

We take turns watching for explosions on weekends, but we’re lucky that we’ve never had office hours on weekends and just about every fire can be put out on Monday.

You can pretty much take vacation any time that you want, as long as we have someone to cover for you.  If you need an extended vacation to cross something off your bucket list, then we can probably accommodate a leave of absence with some advanced notice.

Learning and self-improvement is a company-wide priority.  We want to keep our spot as the best software company in our category, and that means that we each need to invest in ourselves.  If you need some money to enroll in a course or buy some smart books, then just let us know!

There is no travel required for this job, but we like everyone to keep their passport current in case something interesting pops up in the USA.  It doesn’t happen often, but we like people who are willing to travel as a team if needed.

Everyone here has mastered the art of adult-ing, so you don’t need to punch a clock, keep track of your hours, or ask a manager if you can leave early for a dentist appointment.  We pay you to accept a responsibility and then deliver on it, we don’t pay for attendance like your first job in high-school.

We’ve got a shiny new office in Market Square with cliché exposed brick walls.  We sit in comfy Hermann Miller chairs and we work on new computers.  We generally suck at making coffee, so we leave that up to the hipster coffee shop below us.


What does your day look like?


  • Answering help tickets and phone calls on our support line
  • Arranging and performing support calls with customers to troubleshoot and provide on the spot training
  • Following up with clients regarding current open issues
  • Proactive client outreach to customers
  • Assisting in developing or updating support material, including help documents

Account Management

  • Maintaining contact with key decision makers within an assigned portfolio
  • Maintaining data within our CRM, our invoicing system, and other Rooof systems
  • Regularly ensuring that training needs are met for each management company within the assigned portfolio.  You will coordinate this with the training coordinator
  • Responding to client outreach
  • Performing outreach to clients showing warning signs
  • Assisting with client support (when necessary)
  • Assisting will billing and collections (when necessary)
  • On-boarding new properties
  • Processing cancellations
  • Up-selling new products – look for opportunities for growth and improvement
  • Ensuring accurate monthly billing
  • Acting as a liaison between clients and engineering
  • Educating clients on our best practices


Who are you?

  • You are detail-oriented.
  • You prefer it done right, not necessarily right now.
  • You have exceptional problem-solving abilities and you don't give up.
  • You have excellent written and verbal skills. 
  • You are customer-focused and you strive to create evangelists.
  • You are familiar with Microsoft Office, Google Chrome, browser extensions, and have a working knowledge on how to use a computer
  • You have an education that demonstrates core principles in the field and a clear ability to learn and deliver excellence.
  • Previous experience in any customer service role is beneficial (even your first job in high school)
  • You have a current passport and are permitted entry to the United States. This job doesn't have any planned travel at the moment, however, if a cool conference comes up then we want to be able to go!


What success looks like

We pride ourselves on providing world class customer support.  Whether you are supporting a decision maker or an end user, our responses to our clients are quick, thorough, and provide solutions.   Therefore, success in this position is directly measured by customer retention and growth as well as performance when responding to support tickets.    

Here’s an example:

A support ticket comes in, but it’s somewhat vague.  It just says “My Rooof isn’t working!” Using the tools that we provide you, you’re able to decode what the client meant.  You then work with one of our engineers to fix the problem and reply to the client with instructions.  The client then gives you a “great rating!”


Compensation – just in case fun people and a great product isn’t enough!

We pay based on experience.

Health, dental, vision, and other benefits for you and your family (after 90 days)

Three weeks of paid vacation

Bonus vacation December 26-31, but we take turns on call.


Where does this go?

We're expanding rapidly so we expect opportunities for accelerated personal growth as we continue with new products and new customers.

Each person is expected to train and mentor their replacement before they advance to a new role within the company.  We expect a person to hold this position for at least 1.5 years before being considered for advancement.


Our Interview Process

1.       Applications are reviewed on a rolling-basis and candidates are contacted as soon as possible to respect your time.

2.       Telephone interviews are conducted to ensure that your expectations and ours are as expected.

3.       Interviews in person to establish your competencies.

4.       Subsequent interviews as needed with additional Rooof staff.

We are willing to consider relocations and we're also willing to wait for the right person if they are currently committed elsewhere. 



Email jobs at rooof dot com with an introduction, resume in PDF format, and anything else you would like us to know about you. 

In your introduction, tell us why you want to work at Rooof.  Please also tell us how you would respond if a client said, “My Google won’t work!”

If you want to really impress us, do something a little different...  Like an audio/video clip!

The position will remain open until filled.  Apply at your earliest convenience.

We look forward to meeting you!