CRM Integration

Email Sorting and Forwarding

Craigslist only allows each user to have one email address associated with their Craigslist account, but sometimes prospect leads need to go to one email address while Craigslist robot emails need to go to another. For this reason, Rooof created an email handling system that will direct your Craigslist emails where they need to go.

How does it work?

Users create their Craigslist account using a Rooof managed email domain, which allows any emails from Craigslist to be sent to Rooof's email sorting system first. Emails are then sorted to determine whether they are a verification, confirmation, or lead. At that point, Rooof can forward emails to property staff, lead tracking emails, or sanitize the lead information and insert it directly into your lead tracking system using a custom integration. Want more details? Follow along with the flowchart to learn more about Rooof’s email handler.


Did you know...

Rooof's Email Handler manages the email domain to ensure that any incoming messages from Craigslist are properly sorted and delivered to thecorrect destination.