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Hands-Free Posting

Rooof mimics human mouse-clicks and keystrokes to post an ad just like you would.

No typing. No copy/paste. No uploading photos.

Automatic Renewals

Rooof wakes up to automatically renew and repost your ads for you.

Post once, be on the front-page every 48-hours. No need to remember renewals.

Automatic Price Updates

If you change a floorplan or unit price on your website or LRO,

then Rooof will change the price of all existing classified ads to match the new price.

Maximize revenue. Minimize vacancies. Always advertise current pricing.


Daily, weekly, & monthly reports of actual posting and renewal history.

Increase staff compliance.

Reporting of actual postings, not just staff self-reported activity.

Superior Content

The latest availability and pricing content is extracted from your property and floor-plan website.

Every ad is unique; every day, every time.  

Every template is customized for every customer.

No more spelling mistakes. No more lazy postings. No more inaccuracies. No missing photos.

Lower Cost of Move-In

As low or lower than $20.83 per move-in.

Based on data collected during February 2015 at 102 properties in 12 states for one portfolio.


Email-reminders and in-app reminders customized for each property and person.


Overposting Protection

We prevent your staff from getting your ads flagged, ghosted, or blocked.


We train your staff with webinars, quizzes, and online interactive training.

No need for you to train any staff.


We provide all support directly to your staff via telephone, email, and interactive screen-sharing.

7-days per week. 8am - 8pm EST.