Auto-Renew Keeps You On Page One


When you post an ad on Craigslist it starts at the top of page one of the Craigslist search results. When other
people post, your ad gets pushed down the page and eventually on to page two, three, and so on. Most people
only look at the first page of Craigslist when browsing, so as your ad gets pushed down, fewer people will see it!

Average Minutes on Page 1 of Craigslist

*Ask us about data for other cities!


Without Rooof, you canʼt post enough to stay on page one. Rooofʼs auto-renew feature helps you get the most
out of renewals on Craigslist without having to do anything. Rooof works in the background to renew your ads for
you. When an ad is renewed it goes back to the top of page one. Ads are eligible to be renewed every 48 hours.

Your Rooof representative can work with you to build a posting schedule that will help you get the most out of
each post based on your specific Craigslist region.