Career Opportunity

Full-Stack Front-End Web Developer

Victoria, BC, Canada - Permanent, Full Time

This position may be accessible to someone early in their career.

Why have we created this new developer position?

We currently manage our day-to-day business in third-party tools and products bought from other vendors.  We are now building a centralized system to replace most of our third-party tools/vendors and your job is to build the entire front-end in a web-application.  This new web-based application will be called our "Customer Portal" and it will also have hidden functionality that is effective our "Administration Portal" for internal use.  This new system is a bit like a CRM because it stores customer interaction logs, and it's a bit like a CMS because it stores information about and for each customer.  It's also a repository for all our feature toggles, reporting, and alerts.  Eventually we will also connect it to a few third-party vendors like Slack, SendWithUs, SendGrid, Accounting, Invoicing, HelpScout, and EverSign. 



  • Create a beautiful new web-based application using HTML, Django, Vue.js, SASS/CSS, and other tools and frameworks.
  • Some of the elements that we need are:
    • An interface with dashboards, graphs, tables, charts, and navigation like an Admin interface
    • Complex sortable and filterable lists
    • Mass-editable tables like spreadsheets
    • Various reports and data summaries
    • Navigation and layout
    • Third-party integrations
    • Data exports and imports
  • If time permits, we may ask you to assist with new features and new products but the majority of your time in the first year will be building and enhancing this core web application.


Who you’d be working with

Matt is our Product Manager. He ensures that all aspects of our core products are running and growing as expected.  Matt will have a heavy influence on "how" work gets done and in what priority.  In contrast, the customer-facing team will help you determine "what" needs to be done to advance each customer and get new customers.

Allen, Hanna, Cassandra, Tom, and Joy do all sales and account management.  They will be the primary users of the work that you do, so they'll have lots of feedback for you.  After your work meets their needs, then they will take your work to our customers and facilitate feedback and improvements.  

AdamZ built our legacy API in PHP and he's building our new API in Python.  You’ll be working with Adam as your partner on a regular basis; He's responsible for the back-end and you're responsible for the front-end.  Adam will also do a lot of your code reviews.

Anton and Catlin work on our Chrome Extension and our Electron Platform.  You'll seek advice from them on your more challenging topics related to frameworks, javascript, and coding best practices.

AdamC leads new product development until we hire a Software Engineering Manager.  Adam will create a lot of the conceptual requirements and work with you on an iterative process of development.

Samantha is our Graphic Designer.  She will help you to make our software beautiful, but she won't write any code.


Who are you?

  • You have some object-oriented programming experience
  • You have some experience making a user-interface
  • You have some experience writing pseudo code to plan your work
  • You have some experience with SQL and you understand relational databases
  • You may have some formal education in computer science, software engineering, or programming
  • You are self-driven and pro-active
  • You enjoy working in small teams and supporting non-technical people to meet their technical objectives
  • You would rather spend most of your time working on code but you understand the importance of getting constant feedback
  • You enjoy a wide variety of technical tasks; From very precise API calls and third-party integrations to improving user experience and designing user interfaces
  • You have great attention to detail and you prefer quality over quantity
  • Experience with Git and experience interacting with a RESTful API would be beneficial
  • Experience with languages such as JavaScript, Python, or PHP would be beneficial


What success looks like

After the first month you will have learned all our legacy systems and you'll have a good understanding of why we're building something new.  You will have collected some conceptual requirements and you may have identified some technologies, libraries, or services that will help you accomplish your goals.

Within 2-3 months you'll be making working, but simple, prototypes.  You'll be validating with your colleagues that our layouts, libraries, tools, and third-party services will accomplish the intended goals.

After 4-6 months you will have several components in production and you'll have solidified all of the tools and technologies that you need to deliver your product.  You will be well on your way to building 

In the first year you will have at least some exposure to everything listed in the job description and your server-side code will be in production in the new Python-based API.