Work at Rooof


Our core corporate value is Quality of Life for Everyone; Customers, Staff, & Shareholders. If the company takes care of the employees, then the employees will take care of the customers. Happy customers yield prosperous companies and then the cycle repeats. Does this sound like something you want to be a part of? Check out our open positions below!

What does Rooof offer?

  • Employer-paid medical, dental, and vision benefits for you and your family

  • 3 weeks of paid vacation each year (plus bonus vacation December 26-31)

  • RRSP contribution and matching plan

  • Health and Wellness supplement on each paycheque

  • Professional development opportunities

  • Annual charitable donation allowance

  • Company-sponsored team events and activities

  • Paid team lunch once per week

  • Kitchen full of tasty (and healthy) snacks to keep yourself fueled up

Current Job Openings

Victoria Summer 2018 01 168.jpg

What is working at Rooof like?

We all start work before 9:00am (or earlier if you prefer) Monday-Friday and we work 37.5 hours/week. We (most of us) report to work in Victoria, BC in our head office. We love teamwork and we want to hang out with you!

We take turns watching for explosions on weekends, but we’re lucky that we’ve never had office hours on weekends and just about every fire can be put out on Monday.

You can pretty much take vacation any time that you want, as long as we have someone to cover for you. If you need an extended vacation to cross something off your bucket list, then we can probably accommodate a leave of absence with some advance notice.

Learning and self-improvement is a company-wide priority. We want to keep our spot as the best software company in our category, and that means that we each need to invest in ourselves. If you need some money to enroll in a course or buy some smart books, then just let us know!

We like everyone to keep their passport current in case something interesting pops up in the USA. It doesn’t happen often, but we like people who are willing to travel as a team if needed.

Everyone here has mastered the art of adult-ing, so you don’t need to punch a clock, keep track of your hours, or ask a manager if you can leave early for a dentist appointment. We pay you to accept a responsibility and then deliver on it, we don’t pay for attendance like your first job in high-school.

We’ve got a shiny new office in Market Square with cliché exposed brick walls. We sit in comfy Herman Miller chairs and we work on new computers. We generally aren't great at making coffee, so we leave that up to the hipster coffee shop below us.

Our Interview Process

1.       Applications are reviewed on a rolling-basis and candidates are contacted as soon as possible to respect your time.

2.       Telephone interviews are conducted to ensure that your expectations and ours are as expected.

3.       Interviews in person to establish your competencies.

4.       Subsequent interviews as needed with additional Rooof staff.

We are willing to consider relocations and we're also willing to wait for the right person if they are currently committed elsewhere. 

Upcoming Job Openings

We will be seeking people to fill the following roles in the near future.  Please email jobs at rooof dot com if you would like to be notified when these jobs become available.

  • Software Engineers (2019)

  • Sales and Account Management Positions (2019)