200+ Pinnacle properties are realizing
the benefits of Rooof PostEngine software.

Rooof PostEngine helps your staff produce Craigslist ads quickly and easily with the only software that automatically creates, posts and renews ads for you – all with the click of a mouse.

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The Benefits


Boost Team Productivity

Spend less time making ads and more time with residents with fully automated ad posting.


Deliver Marketing ROI

Automatic ad renewal maximizes visibility and generates more traffic from free classified ads.


Help Generate Value

Reach more prospects and generate leads more cost-effectively than using an ILS.



Automated Posting

Generate classified ads from the content on your property website — with the click of a mouse.

Automatic Renewal

Ensure your classified ads remain on page one daily through automatic renewal of ads every 48-hours.

Price Updating

Integrates with your Revenue Management System to reflect price changes in your classified ads.

See a full list of features at rooof.com/product.

Coming Soon…


Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace Automation coming soon!! Contact your sales rep below for more information:

Allen Cook
allen@rooof.com | 623-242-1171