Posting Best Practices

Team Rooof compiled these tips and tricks
to help you be successful on classified websites.


Preventing Over-Posting

Rooof already warns you if you try to post a new ad too quickly since your last ad, and soon we're going to go a step further. If you don't leave at least 15 minutes between postings, Rooof will show you a bigger warning message and we'll ask you to acknowledge the risks of posting too quickly. (You might also be asked to solve a simple trigonometry problem to both validate grade 10 math teachers and make sure that you are really super keen to post that quickly. Just kidding about the trig! Ick!)

Did you forget to post?

Oops! You haven't posted any new ads for a while!

In addition to Rooof's scheduled reminder emails and pop-up reminders in Chrome, we are also going to send you an email if you miss several days of posting. Your Rooof account manager will contact you to ensure that we send these emails to the best person to take action. Please reach out if you want to be one of the first people to receive more email every week!

Best Behavior on CL

Websites are cracking down on people who post too quickly or with uncommon posting behavior. We've got some advice to help you avoid problems.

Ideally, your CL account/email should only post from one IP address and it would be the only account/email using that IP address. If this isn't an option for you, then you will want to exercise caution in posting, or you may want to try our VPN service that gives each account/email a unique IP.

An IP Address is a unique number used to identify your computer(s).

  • Leave at least an hour between posts.
    • If you post ads back-to-back, you will likely get your IP address blocked or your ads flagged.
    • Posting all of your ads in a cluster will likely cause you problems, and it's not a great way to reach prospective residents.
  • Only post ads from one IP address.
    • If you post from many computers, it's best that they have the same IP address. Otherwise it appears to websites like you're over-posting.
  • Avoid many CL accounts on one IP address.
    • Try to use only one account on each IP address.
  • Test your IP Address on every computer.

IP Address Problems?

If your IT network shares a single IP address, or you use Chrome within a VPN, Remote Desktop, or Citrix-like environment, then you might get your IP blocked by CL.  Classified websites do this because it appears like over-posting. This isn't fair, but it's his bat and his ball... If you would like a dedicated IP address for each property/account/email, then Rooof can provide this for $5/month per property or account.


Manual Posting and Renews

If you post manually instead of with Rooof, remember to spread out your postings throughout the day. Try to keep your ads at least 1 hour apart. If you must post more frequently, try to leave at least 15 minutes between posts.

These guidelines also apply to manual renewals. If you decide to manually log in to your classified website account and renew your ads, make sure to space them out throughout the day. Doing them all at once can trigger ghosting, flagging, or blocking issues. When you let Rooof renew your ads, we ensure that they are spread out.