Rooof PostEngine Pricing


Post classified ads that produce results, faster and more easily with PostEngine automated software.

Most Popular
Reporting Only
Lite Boost manual posting efforts with reminders and renewals.
/month per installation.
No setup fee. Credit card or prepay. Minimum: 10 Properties
Professional Best to fully automate ad posting efforts.
/month per property.
One time setup fee. $49/property.

Low-Density $ Available
Enterprise Best for apartments with frequent price changes or Revenue Management System.
/month per property.
One time setup fee. $49/property.
Contract Terms Cancel any time.
30 days notice.
Cancel any time.
30 days notice.
Cancel any time.
30 days notice.
Lead Tracking (Email)
Lead Tracking (Phone) $5/property $5/property $5/property
Custom Integration
*Fees may apply.
In-App Posting Reminders
Automatic Ad Renewal
Stay on top of page one
Email Support
Automated Ad Creation and Posting
Email Posting Reminders
Ad Template Content Customization
Over-Posting Protection
Personalized Training
Webinar, phone, etc.
Full Audit Trail
Phone Support
Archiving of Ad Content
Price Updating
Revenue Management Sync
Automatic Ad Reposting
After ads expire.


Per Unit Pricing

(minimum of $50 per property)

Professional: $1.00/Unit
Enterprise: $1.50/Unit

Single-Family Rental Pricing:

Please email for pricing.

Common Questions

Does Rooof offer a free trial?

Yes. Rooof offers a free 30-day trial to any new organization. If you are new to Rooof, we believe that you should have time to validate our PostEngine software at any property or group of properties. Request a free trial.

Do you restrict features during the 30-day no-obligation period?

No. Anyone using Rooof has access to the full professional product.

What payment methods and currency do you accept?

We accept USD payment by check, ACH or credit card.

How long does it take to get up and running on Rooof’s software?

Setup typically takes 1-3 business days. We also provide training, which can be scheduled at any time and support should you need it, 7-days a week.

Is it possible to purchase Rooof’s Professional Edition and then upgrade to the Enterprise Edition?

Yes. It’s possible to upgrade at any time with only prorated charges and our usual satisfaction guarantee within the first 30 days of your upgrade. Simply contact your account representative to switch plans. Or call: (206) 735-3239.

How are properties counted when they share a leasing office or staff?

Regardless of the number of staff or the location of the leasing office, properties are billed based on their size and address. One large building at one address is billed as one property. Three buildings with different addresses, regardless of size or the location of the leasing office, are billed as three properties.