Career Opportunity

Sales Engineer (Software)

Victoria, BC, Canada - Permanent, Full Time

This position is accessible to someone early in their career.

For information about Rooof, our company culture, and our work values, please read our Team page.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Manage new and existing third-party API/data integrations with our customers to support our premium features known as PriceUpdater and EmailHandler.  After you are familiar with the requirements of the processes in our PHP-based system, you will migrate the system to our Python-based API.
  • Assist with the migration of our data from our legacy PHP-based API to our new Python-based API.
  • Learn the process of "mapping" our customers' websites using XPath statements and regular expressions.
    • Performing mapping tasks to assist the sales team with selling activities.
    • Fill in for the Mapping Engineer when they take vacations.
  • Occasionally participate in sales conference call to assist with technical questions or requirements gathering during the selling and/or onboarding process.
  • Use SQL queries and our internal reporting tools to investigate possible reporting/data errors when reported by customers.
  • Write web-crawling scripts and data-parsing scripts to help the sales team find, sanitize, and organize new customer prospects.
  • Assist with the technical aspects of configuring our software for new clients.

Secondary Responsibilities

  • Integrate our CRM, our invoicing software, and our contract signing software with our internal API and web-application.
  • Assist colleagues with technical questions about internal software.
  • Create and manage an email-relay system to monitor the open rate of our invoices.
  • Assist with the technical aspects of sales and marketing, such as manipulating large data sets, executing queries, or configuring the logic of automated marketing systems.
  • Measure product usage and customer happiness.
  • If time, skill sets, and priorities permit, assist with new customer-facing feature development such as gamification, a client-side WYSIWYG template-builder, in-app guided training walk-through, and other sales- and customer-oriented software development.

Who you’d be working with

This position reports directly to Matt, who is our Product Manager. He ensures that all aspects of our core products are running and growing as expected.  Matt currently performs many of the responsibilities listed above and he will be your primary teacher and resource in this position.  Matt will help you determine "how" work gets done and in what priority.  In contrast, the customer-facing team will help you determine "what" needs to be done to advance each customer and get new customers.

Hanna, Allen, and Cassandra do all sales and account management.  You'll help them to onboard new customers and perform marketing automation.  When you're ready to start programming some more, you'll be building features to assist them and the customers that they represent.  

AdamZ has built the backend for our extension - our internal API.  We are transitioning to a new version of our API built in Python/Django.  You’ll be working with Adam and another (new) software engineer as they rewrite the API and build a new web application.  

Miranda integrates our software with our customers’ websites.  Integration is done through a somewhat complex process of reading their websites and using that information to create automated classified ads.  You’ll be working with Miranda as she leads the charge to transition us to a better way of doing things.  You’ll be responsible for understanding the process and figuring out how we can test it and monitor it's resilience.

You'll likely work with everyone else on the team too, but we'll craft your growth based on your strengths and our ever-changing needs.


What does your day look like?

In the early days of this job you'll be focused on learning, so you won't have any urgent deliverables. It takes a while to learn all the nooks and crannies of our products, so don't be surprised if you're still seeing new things after a few months.  Our customers' needs are probably unlike anything that you've seen before, unless you've actually worked in the US apartment industry.  It takes a while to grasp how things are done so differently from Canada and from other industries.

We're migrating our data and our products to a new database and API, so a lot of your technical work will be assisting in this project.  Sometimes you'll write some code in PHP or Python, and sometimes you'll just be sanitizing and moving large sets of data.

As soon as the sales team has crafted a new drip campaign for email marketing, you will help them to automate it and measure success in some third-party software.  When our new API has sufficiently progressed, then you'll start integrating it with third-party service providers, like CRM, invoicing, and help ticketing systems.


Who are you?

  • You have some programming experience
  • You have some experience writing pseudo code to plan your work
  • You have some experience with SQL and you understand relational databases
  • You are self-driven and pro-active
  • You enjoy working in small teams and supporting non-technical people to meet their technical objectives
  • You would rather spend most of your time working on technical tasks but you also enjoy some customer interactions
  • You enjoy a wide variety of technical tasks; From very precise API calls and third-party integrations to improving user experience and automating tasks with third-party tools
  • You have great attention to detail and you prefer quality over quantity
  • Experience with Git and experience interacting with a RESTful API would be beneficial
  • Experience with languages such as JavaScript, Python, or PHP would be beneficial
  • Some exposure to regular expressions and a willingness to learn XPath would be an asset


What success looks like

After the first month you will have shadowed several people within the company to learn our product, understand our customers, and grasp the things that we want to change.

Within 2-3 months you'll be tweaking our existing API and configuring our products for new customers.  You will have learned how to perform the "Mapping" tasks that we do with XPath/RegEx and you'll be experimenting with it to help prepare our software for the sales team to demonstrate.

After 4-6 months you'll be helping the sales team with marketing automation and you'll have experience querying our database to investigate reporting problems.  You will also be gathering technical requirements for how you will help migrate PriceUpdater and EmailHandler to our new API.

In the first year you will have at least some exposure to everything listed in the job description and your server-side code will be in production in the new Python-based API.



Think you're the perfect fit? Email jobs at rooof dot com with an introduction, resume in PDF format, and anything else you would like us to know about you.  If you don’t have a fancy resume, then just send us a list of your experience and describe why it makes you good for this job.

In your introduction, tell us why you want to work at Rooof.  If you’ve ever done a similar job, tell us in a short story how you did something awesome.

If you want to really impress us, do something a little different...  Like an audio/video clip!

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