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Scripting & Support Engineer (Software)

Victoria, bc, canada - full time permanent

We're looking for someone to help us parse, sanitize, and restructure our customers' data.  Our software is used to parse websites, reorganize strings, and then automatically create unique online classified ads based on the websites that are parsed.  The Scripting & Support Engineer is heavily dedicated to constructing xpath statements and regular expressions.  The secondary purpose of this position, after mastering the above, is to assist our customer support team when they need a technical investigation, solution, or escalation to non-trivial problems reported by customers.

What do we offer?

  • Meaningful and independent programming work
  • Fun and smart colleagues
  • Competitive Salary
  • Health, dental, vision, and other benefits for you and your family (after 90 days)
  • Best-in-class products.  No competitor has a better product than us
  • Premium working environment in the downtown core (new, renovated office May 1st)

Who are you?

  • You are detail-oriented.
  • You are dedicated to becoming an expert in constructing XPath statements.
  • You are dedicated to becoming an expert in constructing Regular Expressions.
  • You prefer it done right, not necessarily right now.
  • You have exceptional problem solving abilities and you don't give up.
  • You are customer-focused and you strive to create evangelists.
  • You have 1+ years of relevant experience.
  • You have an education that demonstrates core principles in the field and a clear ability to learn and deliver excellence.
  • Previous experience with XPath, RegEx, JSON, and Git are beneficial.
  • Previous experience in any customer service role is beneficial. (even your first job in high school)

What work would you be doing?

  • Scripting Role
    • Write XPATH statements to extract data from websites.
    • Write Regular Expressions to sanitize data which was found using XPATH.
    • Write simple algorithms to merge strings in to human-readable sentences with a high degree of variability.
    • Contribute to quality assurance and testing p rocesses to validate the above processes.
  • Troubleshooting Role
    • When a customer contacts our support team with a problem, some problems are technical enough that a more technical person needs to investigate, fix, or escalate the problem.

Where does this go? 

  • We're growing rapidly so we expect opportunities for accelerated personal growth as we continue to grow with new products and new customers.
  • Each person is expected to train and mentor their replacement before they advance to a new role within the company.  We expect a person to hold this position for at least 1.5 years before being considered for advancement.

Who are we?

Rooof sells software to property management companies in the USA on monthly recurring subscriptions.  On-site users at each property use our software to automatically put classified advertisements on the internet using our browser extension (and pending Electron implementation) that mimics human-like browser-interactions. Instead of making classified ads manually, our software does all the work.  Our software is used in over 2,000 apartment buildings by over 5,000 users. 

Rooof was founded in 2012 to improve how the rental-housing industry advertises their vacancies. People love our software because it writes great performing ads and because we have automated a task that they despise. We are preparing to build new software for our existing customers to meet other needs, unrelated to classified ad automation.

We are a team of twelve with head offices in Victoria BC.  Nine of us are located in Victoria  BC, with sales in Phoenix and two off-site software engineers.  Read more about us on our Team web page.

Our core corporate value is Quality of Life for Everyone.
If the company takes care of the employees, then the employees will take care of the customers.
Happy customers yield prosperous companies and then the cycle repeats.

Our Interview Process

  1. Resumes are reviewed on a rolling-basis and candidates are contacted as soon as possible to respect your time. 
  2. Telephone interviews are conducted to ensure that your expectations and ours are as expected.
  3. Interviews in person to establish your competencies. 
  4. Subsequent interviews as needed with additional Rooof staff.

We are willing to consider relocations and we're also to wait for the right person if they are currently committed elsewhere.


Email jobs at rooof dot com with an introduction, resume, and anything else you would like us to know about you.

If you want to really impress us, do something a little different...

The position will remain open until filled.  Apply at your earliest convenience.

We look forward to meeting you!