Career Opportunities

Training Coordinator

Victoria, bc, canada - full time

We're looking for someone to help us train our customers and perform various other tasks to keep our customers happy and make the office run smoothly.

Rooof sells software to property management companies in the USA on a monthly recurring subscription.  Staff at each property use our software to automatically put vacancy advertisements on the internet. Instead of making those ads manually, our software does all the work.  Our software is used in over 1300 apartment buildings by over 4000 users.

Who are we?

Rooof is a software company founded in 2012 to improve how the rental-housing industry advertises their vacancies. Instead of manually making hundreds of classified ads every month, Rooof has made software to mimic human behaviour within your browser so that new classified ads are written and uploaded automatically.  People love our software because it writes great performing ads and because we have automated a task that they despise.

We have our corporate head office in Victoria BC.  Our engineering team is primarily located in Victoria & Vancouver BC with one team member currently working remotely on a warm and sandy beach...

What do we offer?

  • Competitive Salary + Health Benefits (after 90 days)
  • Best-in-class products.  No competitor has a better product than us!
  • Premium office environment in the downtown core (Fort near Wharf)
  • New Dell XPS13 laptops and other premium tools to help you perform your job

Who are you?

  • You love helping people, even people who aren't the best computer users
  • You are among the most patient people that you know.  You are a stone in the river.  Zen!
  • You make friends easily and you are comfortable talking to strangers on the telephone
  • You are a problem solver!  You see a problem, and you try to fix it.
  • You form great, long-lasting relationships, both internally and externally
  • You are confident and very good with basic computer practices
    • You know the difference between IE, Chrome, & Firefox and you have a preference
    • You can help someone else to determine what version of browser they are using and how to update it
    • You could teach someone how to reset their password on a website like gmail or amazon
  • You’re a self-starter; if you see a problem or opportunity, you’ll find a way to address it.
  • You may have some customer service experience
  • You may have some experience in the multi-family or single-family real estate rental industry
  • You have a basic grasp of American geography (e.g. Where is Atlanta?  Where is DC?  Where is the Midwest?)

Who are you not?

  • Overwhelmed by a fast-paced environment that’s constantly evolving
  • Uncomfortable meeting new people and forging new relationships over the telephone, webinar, or in person
  • Impatient if someone doesn't understand your instructions, or does follow your instructions

What will you be doing?

  • Training Webinars (40~80% of your job, decreasing over time)
    • Training people to use our software via online meetings (GoToMeeting) and telephone (RingCentral) calls (no onsite training).  You expect at least 2 scheduled training sessions per day.
  • Training Systems (10~70% of your job, increasing over time)
    • After you learn our software and you have experience with our customers, then you will create training systems including resources such as:
      • Recorded training videos (we will hire a voice actor, you will write the script and capture screenshots)
      • Tutorials
      • User manual
      • Self-help documents
    • By making training materials, you are trying to automate the training process so that you don't have to do it manually!
  • Relationship Management (10~20% of your job)
    • After you train people, they are going to have questions.  You will answer their questions by email or phone call, but ultimately you are going to design amazing training materials to avoid questions.
    • If the phone rings, and nobody else is available to answer it, then your phone will ring. It's just teamwork to deliver great customer experiences.
    • Answering simple customer questions and escalating to our Customer Support staff.  Your job is not technical support, but you will help customer reach our support department if they reach you in error.
    • As you grow into your role, you might choose to accept account management responsibilities
  • Administration (~5% of your job)
    • Our customers pay us with paper cheques.  We have a cheque-scanning machine, but we need someone to operate it!  Cheques are automatically scanned, but sometimes you will make a correction if the software has difficulties.

Where does this go? 

  • Professional Growth
    • You may pursue one of two career paths depending on your interest: Junior Sales or Junior Software Engineering
  • Great opportunity to gain experience in the technology industry.



Email jobs at rooof dot com with an introduction, CV, and anything else you would like us to know about you.

If you want to really impress us....  Send us an audio file to demonstrate that you have the clear, pleasant, and calm voice of a trainer.  For example, record a 1-2 minute audio clip to teach us how to boil water on the stove!

The position will remain open until filled.  Apply at your earliest convenience.

We look forward to meeting you!