We Are Rooof

We help multifamily property management professionals get the job done and grow, by providing innovative software products they love to use.

Established in 2012, Rooof is a private company that designs and builds software products that serve the changing needs of multifamily property management companies of all sizes across the United States and Canada.


The average # of ads our clients post weekly.


properties in the US & Canada use Rooof software.


out of 50 US states have properties using Rooof software.

Our Product

Great software should solve complex needs without being complicated. PostEngine software is simple to install and use. It’s provided as a recurring monthly subscription to those who are seeking to meet and exceed their leasing goals through classified ad marketing.

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Our Company & Team

We’re a team of 28 passionate individuals; engineers, sales, marketing and business professionals whose purpose is to deliver products that bring value to those using them.

Our head office is in Victoria, BC Canada with additional US sales in Phoenix, AZ.

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Our Mission

We are more than a software company. We are a modern, innovative and fun company: A tight-knit group who are committed to making our clients happy.

Our Values

Our core corporate value is Quality of Life for Everyone; Clients, Staff and Shareholders.

If the company takes care of the employees, then the employees will take care of the clients. Happy clients yield prosperous companies and then the cycle repeats. Our goal is for everyone to achieve Quality of Life through our supporting values Freedom, Growth and Enjoyment .

How We Achieve Our Mission + Values

We believe we can achieve our mission and values by keeping these seven main pillars in mind.

1. Transparency

Everyone at Rooof has access to information about all aspects of the company. All information, except confidential, is to be openly shared. No one should be in the dark about the direction or standing of the company. We are most effective when everyone has all the information available and build trust in each other by avoiding surprises.

3. Resilience

We strive for our company and product to be resilient. If something breaks or goes wrong, we want our processes to allow us to bounce back quickly and gracefully. We show resilience in difficult situations by working through the issue at hand and carrying on with strength.

5. Preparedness

We strive to prepare ourselves with the highest quality working environment and tools available without being frivolous or wasteful. Team members should be excited to come to work and they should be comfortable, safe, and empowered while at work. They should feel they are prepared to handle the tasks at hand efficiently and effectively with the resources they have available.

2. Mutual Success

When our entire ecosystem is experiencing success, then everyone is succeeding. When the team provides an excellent experience for the customer, the customer pays the company for delivering that value, which allows the company to prosper and reinvest in the team, restarting the same cycle. This allows everyone in the cycle to benefit from everyone’s successes.

4. Teamwork

No team member is alone – we are all working towards a common goal. We work as a cohesive team and consider successes and struggles to be mutual. We cheer on our colleagues in times of celebration and support them through difficult periods, helping however and whenever possible.

6. Trust

We always assume the best in others. We listen to all opinions and perspectives. Team members are reliable, we stick to our word, and we only make promises that we can keep. We trust each other to always act in a manner that is in line with our values.

7. Last But Not Least….Integrity

Many companies specify integrity, ethics, and moral standards as the pillars of their values. We believe that acting with integrity, high moral and ethical standards are considered table-stakes that we expect of all stakeholders to adhere to. As long as the world has people acting on the full spectrum of ethical behaviour, we compare ourselves only with other companies who also act with high levels of integrity. Among all of those ethical stakeholders, including most of our competitors, we believe that integrity is the starting point and that all of our creative and unique choices in values set us apart.